Smart-Hotel → Revolutionizing Hotel Industry

  • Smart-Hotel
    Launching a very simple, exquisite and user-friendly booking system is now possible with our Smart-Hotel by OnlineKatta hotel booking and management system. Users can book the rooms and hotels easily and can help the business owner to increase the revenue of the hotel. Smart-Hotel by OnlineKatta helps you to synchronize your rooms, rates and availability of rooms to the users on single platform. The room details and rates are displayed in easy to understand layout and it also display the high quality images of the rooms.
  • Manage Offline Booking
    Smart-Hotel by OnlineKatta booking system is one place for managing all your online and offline booking. Business Owner can book the room from back-end. Suppose a customer enter the hotel to book room instantly i.e. on-desk booking, at this moment admin do not have to do any manual entry or manage any hand book he can make the entry to the system from back-end easily. To avail this feature admin has to visit the back office.
  • Partial Payment Booking
    With the help of Smart-Hotel by OnlineKatta system customers can book rooms by paying some amount or you can say doing advance payment. Now, customers do not have to pay full amount to book rooms in your hotel. They can easily do advance booking and can have confirmed booking status. They will pay the due amount while check in the hotel and admin can update the due amount from back-end. Hotel Owner can set these partial payment setting from back-end.
  • Integrated Payment Gateway
    Smart-Hotel by OnlineKatta supports all the payment gateways which are developed on the top-rated coding standards. We provide PayPal payment method integrated with our module. Paypal is the most popular payment gateway to make payment through credit card. This is known payment gateway which will ensure customer that they are using secure payment method to book their rooms on your site with credit and debit cards. Other Payment Gateways and/or Wallets are also integrated on requests!
  • Multi-rooms / Hotels In Single Order
    It provides an unique feature to the end users. Now, users can book multiple rooms / hotels in single cart. This feature will make website an attractive site for users. Users will always want to book rooms from admin’s site to reduce their effort and save their time. These rooms can be from number of hotels or these can be of different dates. For example– If an user want to book two rooms from 31st December to 2nd January in different locations, then user can add one room from one hotel and other from other hotel in single cart and can book them together. Similarly, if an user want to book two rooms but one from 31st December to 2nd January and other from 5th January to 7th January, then user can add these rooms in single cart and book them together.
  • Manage Refund Rules
    Managing refund rules are the most important task in any hotel reservation system. As some time customer book rooms but due to some reasons they have to cancel or change their trip, in that case you need refund rules so that no complication occur while refunding the amount. With Smart-Hotel by OnlineKatta you can easily manage refund rules. You can create as many refund rules as per your requirement.
  • Order Cancellation
    Order cancellation is the easiest process with Smart-Hotel by OnlineKatta. Customer can easily send request for the cancellation of the booking to the admin. Customer just have to visit their own order and click on the order for which they have to send refund request. Once the refund request is send the status will be in pending. Now, when admin approves / disapprove the refund request the status change accordingly. Admin can refund the amount according to the refund rule or can deduct less amount, if the customer is frequent one and admin wants to show gratitude to the customer.
  • Location Wise Search
    Search for availability of rooms are the basic functionality of any hotel reservation system. Users can search rooms as visitors, guests or customer. User can search rooms according to city, state or country. They can select hotels in particular location and then can view the availability of the rooms in between the desired dates in the hotel.
  • Social Proof : Testimonials
    The best way to promote any website is social proofs or testimonials given by the customers. With our Smart-Hotel by OnlineKatta system you can display the testimonials given by the customers on the landing page. Users always want proofs to feel secure while spending money on anything and that is why they look for other customer reviews. This will increase customer confidence in your hotel and will increase the search engine optimization of the website.
  • Tax Management
    Are you worried about your city and state taxes then you are on right place. Smart-Hotel by OnlineKatta provide you the function of adding any taxes to your room rates and can have the actual amount from the customers while booking the rooms. Smart-Hotel by OnlineKatta tax management admin can apply tax for each separate room and guest have to pay that tax while booking rooms online.
  • Rooms Reallocation
    Smart-Hotel by OnlineKatta is the system through which admin can meet customer demand easily. Smart-Hotel by OnlineKatta provides an extraordinary feature to the hotel and help admin to attract more customers to their hotels. This system is applicable when customer allotted room is on third floor but he required ground floor room due to medical reasons, then admin can easily reallocate the room to the customer according to the requirement.
  • Instant Email Notification
    While making payment online to book rooms the most important thing a customer need is to get instant mail confirming their booking. Our Smart-Hotel by OnlineKatta system send the instant mail to customers to avoid chaos among them. As soon as customer get the confirmation mail, there will be increase in their trust regarding the website. So, with our hotel reservation system you can gain customer trust easily.
  • Discount / Offers
    Do you want to provide discounts to your customers? Do you want to promote your hotel with different vouchers? If yes, then go for our hotel reservation system. Adding and managing discounts are very easy. You can provide vouchers for whole cart or you can add discounts on certain rooms. You can provide benefits to your customer according to your choice and can lure them to book rooms from your website.
  • Manage Translation
    Since your site will be online that is it will be visible to whole world. In our world there are different countries with different languages, it might be possible if you are using your website in your language people from other countries cannot book rooms on your site. To avoid this situation, Smart-Hotel by OnlineKatta help you to manage translation i.e. you can easily translate the website in multiple languages.
  • Stats Management
    Smart-Hotel by OnlineKatta can display real time data for availability of rooms to the admin. Admin can view the occupancy level of the rooms i.e. fully occupied, partially occupied and empty. Admin can view the daily / weekly / monthly status of the rooms by managing the calendar on the stats page and can view these stats for any hotel or any rooms according to the requirement. Admin do not have to manually update the stats of the booking, it will automatically be updated from the online booking or the booking managed by the admin from back-end. Once admin setup the hotels, rooms and defined the number of rooms, our system will manage the availability of the rooms and synchronize it with the database for further updates.
  • Multi Language And Currencies
    Smart-Hotel by OnlineKatta supports multi- languages and currencies. Now, you can attract customers from your country as well as from other countries. Each and every customer can view the price of the rooms in their own currency and they can view the site in their own language which will make your website more readable to customers. This will help you to increase your revenue and can help you to improve your hotel ratings.
  • Add Unlimited Rooms And Hotels / Branches
    Room type is the important feature of any hotel. Each hotel has different room types and they have unlimited rooms in one room type. Smart-Hotel by OnlineKatta helps you to manage unlimited room types and rooms, so that you can book all your rooms online itself.
  • User Friendly Booking
    Some times hoteliers do not want to open their website just because they feel that it will be very difficult for users to book rooms. But, our Smart-Hotel by OnlineKatta makes the booking process easy not only for users but also for admin. Users can book rooms through quick checkout process. Users do not have to book rooms from different hotels separately, they can easily book rooms from different hotels on different dates in single cart. This make your website user friendly.
  • Search Engine Optimization
    Search engine optimization is a process through which you can increase the visibility of your site. You can manage meta tags and descriptions so that other search engines can search your website easily. This will increase the number of visitors on your website and consecutively the popularity and revenue of the hotel will increase.
  • Newsletter Subscription
    Newsletters are the primary tools of the communication for any website. If you want to promote your website then you can use this communication tool as it increase the visibility of your website. Smart-Hotel by OnlineKatta provides newsletter subscription to users so that they can get the latest news related to your website such as current offers on your website, new rooms added to your hotel and many more based on you. Users can easily subscribe to the newsletters by providing their email address.
  • Responsive Website
    Today users prefer smart-phones and tablets, and their use is different from the PC but our Smart-Hotel by OnlineKatta is designed in such a manner that any user can use it on any system . Smart-Hotel by OnlineKatta is responsive to all the system. User can check hotels and rooms availability from anywhere irrespective of the system. Regardless of the device used by the users the booking system will remain same. If SEO is your marketing strategy then mobile friendly system or responsive system is the best solution for you.
  • Inventory Rules
    Now you can quickly block the availability of your hotel rooms. This feature has been provided to disable reservation of rooms which are closed for maintenance, renovations, or the hotel is temporarily closed.
  • Pricing Rules
    Want to set different prices for rooms on various occasions or as per seasons? Well, with multiple price rules feature of Smart-Hotel by OnlineKatta, you can now create various price rules. Now set prices according to specific dates, weekends or special days and date range.
  • Google Maps
    Google maps help travelers by providing information such as hotel address, contact number, reviews and hotel timings. Through it your customers can easily also discover your hotel. The biggest advantage of having it on your website would be that it will guide your customers to reach your hotel with proper directions.