What is Smart-Business-Katta?
Smart-Business-Katta helps your sales, marketing, and support teams work together to provide a unified customer experience. Integrated with entire human resources management system, customer relationship management business account management and sales management along with task management and reporting.
Integrated with business insights and real-time dashboard.

Core Features:

  • Lead Tracking – ​​Manage and track all your leads till they convert
  • Email Integration – Sync your emails with popular emailing engines
  • Lead Qualification – ​​Stop wasting time on junk leads
  • Lead Distribution – ​​Assign leads to relevant sales people automatically
  • Sales Automation – Leave repetitive sales tasks to sales automation
  • Sales Tracking – Get a tight grip on your sales process
  • Task & Reminder – Automatically set tasks for your sales people
  • Mobile CRM – ​​Simple app to run entire field sales operations
  • Attendance tracking
    • Attendance Settings
    • Creating List & Managing Employee Attendance
    • Reviewing Attendance Records
    • Creating, Assigning and Managing Shifts
    • Enabling Self-Attendance System
    • Generate Reports
    • Export/Import Attendance Records
    • Field staff can mark day start and day end.
  • Location tracking
    • Each activity, including orders, meetings and others tracked.
    • It help to cross check and keep a eye on sales person’s work.
  • Daily and monthly time clocked can be analyzed for payroll processing.
  • Flexible User Roles
    • Create roles as per your organization structure.
  • Map supervisors and reportee.
    • Supervisors get access to reportee’s data.
  • Target Management
    • Supervisors can manage targets for reportees.
    • Every user can view targets and sales of all reportees in their tree.
  • Product updates (Inventory)
    • Keep your product batches and prices up-to-date, so that your sales team always sells the right ones.
    • Apply schemes to certain geographies, or to all.
    • Apply discounts on batches based on percentage, rate off or give free products on certain quantity.
  • Sellers
    • Manage Sellers
    • Manage Distributors
    • Manage Super Stockists
    • Assign owners to each one of these from among your users, so you know who’s ensuring inventory at all these selling points.
  • Reporting
    • Get the reports you need.
  • Stay on top of your game.

How it helps in Business Growth:

  • Improve the quality of leads, win-rate, and overall productivity
  • Sales Management
  • Simplify and speed up the way you sell
  • Automation
  • Plan, measure, and manage your progress
  • Performance and Analytics
  • Smartness – Sell smarter with AI-powered alerts, predictions, and solutions
  • Extend and Customize – Personalize your CRM to work the way you do
  • Multi-Department – Reach your leads across any department.

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